Our Fave 5 Looks From Maison Tai at South Asian New York Fashion Week


Our Fave 5 Looks From Maison Tai at South Asian New York Fashion Week

It was a momentous occasion or the South Asian community especially in the fashion world. September 8th to 14th saw the first-ever South Asian New York Fashion Week (SANYFW), taking place at multiple locations around Manhattan during New York Fashion Week.

Conceptualized by fashion entrepreneurs and co-founders Shipra Sharma and Hetal Patel, the six-day, high-fashion extravaganza will include couture, bridal, and pret runway shows, presentations with various brand partners, a marketplace showcasing eclectic jewelry, apparel, and accessories, and a wellness hub to round out the high energy week. The show had a mix of established to emerging designers all celebrating fashion and the community all at once. “Lehenghas turned into co-ord sets. Sarees turned into gowns with drapes. Palazzo pants became wide-legged pants. We want to reclaim that narrative and introduce the world to the origins of these silhouettes and designs. At SANYFW, we intend to highlight and share the history of our fashion and culture, while celebrating the fashion pioneers who have been trailblazers for our community universally,” said founder and CEO Sharma during the SANYFW event.

Some of the top names at the show included Nomi Ansari, Mayyur Girotra, Rivesse, Margi, and Shili. Some of the emerging designers included Recover Season, Aariah by Sabbineni featuring Avigna Fine Jewels, Kalamandir Fashions, Bedi NYC, Moire, RKJ, Pali, AKS Mathur and Maison Tai.

*Stay tuned for our overall highlights from that week!

In the meantime, we spoke to Sandeep Tupili the founder of Maison Tai and about his experience at the first SANYFW. We also picked our favourite looks from his show.

  1. Indian Matchmaking fame Nadia Jagessar walked in a beautiful one-shoulder dress

Our Fave 5 Looks From Maison Tai at South Asian Fashion Week: Nadia Jagessar.

Photo Credit: Sukhmani Kaur

Talking about his line, Sandeep says, “My line was inspired by the Kancheepuram temple located in Tamil Nadu, India. The idea was to create clothes that were inspired by the thought that, some things might wear out over time but they still stand strong and look extremely beautiful. The skirts were inspired by the way women in the South wear saris when they are walking or doing household work. It is tucked in a little at the hip so the length becomes a litter shorter. They just need it to be more comfortable so they can do their work comfortably. So the skirts are not floor-length but a little shorter. I was sure to create a line that fits all age groups, and different genders and is extremely fluid.”

2. Pragathi Guruprasad is a Singaporean-American playback singer who had a small role in the American comedy-drama Never Have I Ever. She walked the runway in a ravishing blazer, blouse, and skirt.

Our Fave 5 Looks From Maison Tai at South Asian New York Fashion Week: Pragathi Guruprasad.

Picture Credit: Sukhmani Kaur

Talking about the blazers Sandeep designed for the line, he said, “We were particular not to contour blazers to the body. We made them boxy, and the skirts almost look like sarongs that can be worn by both men and women. ”

3. Social media influencer and choreographer Jainil Mehta walked the runway showcasing bright pink silk co-ord sets and paired them with cool sunglasses.

Our Fave 5 Looks From Maison Tai at South Asian New York Fashion Week: Jainil Mehta. 

Photo Credit: Sukhmani Kaur

The choreographer who is known for performing in skirts walked the runway and also blew the audience’s mind with henna on his hands. Which brought us to our next question for Sandeep. In fashion, gender lines are blurred. What is your take on that? To which, he said, “Gender lines were created by us to make more sales. When you create an outfit that can be worn by two different people then sales come down. It was a mindset that was created a long time ago to differentiate between people and not just in fashion but in different spheres and industries where they made sure one gender was more powerful than the other. So to me, blurring the lines in fashion has been very personal and fluid. My brand creates outfits that will look effortlessly stylish when born to both genders. ”

4. South Asian social media influencer Kiki Raj wore a stunning one-shoulder pink zari top and skirt

Our Fave 5 Looks From Maison Tai at South Asian New York Fashion Week: Kiki Raj.

Photo Credit: Sukhmani Kaur

Silk sarees are one asset that belongs to the re-wear culture. That has also been one of the main inspirations for Sandeep’s collection. Talking about this trend, he said, ” Rewear culture is a part of who I am especially because I have seen my mom wear sarees that are over 30-40 years old and they don’t die out. I have realized that fashion trends do come back and fashion doesn’t necessarily have to be about creating trends but are timeless classics with a lot more colours. The Kancheevaram silks are usually bright with beautiful colours that won’t lose its appeal. Rewear and slow fashion has been in my DNA from the time I was young. I believe anything in trend today will come to trend tomorrow, so I am very choosy about throwing away things. My brand is all about creating these timeless pieces that can be paired with other things in your wardrobe which make them current and playful.”

5. Drisya Reghuram is a dancer, choreographer, content creator who walked the runway in an absolutely ravishing green blouse and a skirt-turned-sarong all made from Kancheepuram silk